It is difficult to think having a home without any window. They allow gentle breezes to drift through every room, allow us to enjoy beautiful views and let in the sunlight. When they are all working accordingly, all of these advantages are available however, when they are not, it greatly affects the interior space of your home in a bad way.

There are a lot of reasons why your windows become unresponsive to forceful attempts at closing or opening them. Once you have realized the issue and made necessary actions such as replacement or repair, the best step to make sure that your windows resume to work operational all year long is with regular maintenance and periodic checks with the help of an Egress window contractor. The following are some of the steps on how you can troubleshoot windows that are hard to open or stuck:

1. Awning, Casement and French Casement Windows

Casement windows depend on a gear mechanism which allows your windows to swing close and open. Crank-out or casement windows can be hard to open if the gears inside the metal housing are chipped, stripped, broken or bent. This can be caused by exerting too much pressure or power when trying to close and open your window and excessive cranking that affects the seal in operator seal.

Stripped or loose screws can also be a problem. Inspect for loose hinges which can result to the misalignment of the sash. When this occurs, it is extremely hard to operate your window, and it will not close securely and effective as it usually does.

2. Glider or Sliding Windows

Hard-to-open issues with glider or sliding windows can reside with sliding track itself. This problem can be because of the layers of dirt and dust accumulation and interfering the smooth sliding of the sash on the tracks. Cleaning as well as lubricating the track can usually fix this kind of issue. If the sticking still remains, it might be that the window rollers are damaged and require to be replaced.

3. Metal Frame Windows

Together with the dirt and dust accumulation all windows face, a reason for poor sealing and closure is because of the bent section on metal frames.

4. Vinyl Windows

The largest problem with hard-to-open or stuck vinyl windows is lack of lubrication and dust or dirt accumulation in the grooves.

Other Hard-to-Open Problems

There are a lot of additional portions to examine which may solve your hard-to-open window problems. Inspect your weather stripping. If water has already seeped in making the window materials sticky, windows will not open easily.

Mildew, mold and moisture can definitely damage any window frames, leading them to deteriorate or degrade over time. This can lead in windows not level within the window frame and not being secured. Periodic checks for water seepage which may lead in rotting wood frames are also very important. If you have caulked or painted around your windows, any materials which has gotten on spring mechanisms or gears, or into the tracks and dried will impact the functionality of your windows.